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Staffing Solutions

"One of the biggest challenges is that skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes have limited resources and when staffing is down, outcomes suffer. Training our staff on what to expect in the field can only be done by nurses who have worked in their shoes."

~A. N. Souliotis

LPN, and founder of the Rose Care Group,

What Makes Us Different?

We have 24-hour accessibility. If you call us, a live staff member will answer the phone. At the Rose Care Group, we believe our responsibility starts with our bedside manner. We strive to provide caring and compassionate service to patients, residents, and partners.

At the Rose Care Group, we believe that our responsibility begins with training and orientation. Our staff is trained both on and off-site and are motivated by our organization’s core values. 

Integrity: We at the Rose Care Group consider integrity the foundation of our organization. We hold ourselves responsible to do what is right. 

Service: The Rose Care Group believes we have a responsibility to help others.

Dedication: The Rose Care Group is committed to our standard of exemplary care.

To Schedule a Consultation

To schedule a consultation to learn more about our services and values, please connect with us using your preferred method of contact.

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